The Evolution Of Hosiery Like Trasparenze

  • When dressing, what's on the outside is often just superficial. To look and feel really gorgeous it's what's on underneath that counts the most. Undergarments not only need to enhance natural beauty, but must also provide the confidence that ensures the dress, skirt, or pants set will turn heads. Although there are many manufacturers in the industry, Trasparenze and others are now making women's legs an accessory much like jewelry.

    Sliding luxurious hosiery over legs provides almost an immediate transformation in how an individual feels about themselves. Their smooth, silky texture glides effortlessly under the hand and the range of styles, sizes, textures, thicknesses, and colors ensure that the perfect leg coverings are selected every time. The result is an amazing look that provides a cohesive head-to-toe appearance that is often required in today's high fashion industry.

    Leg coverings are not a new concept. In fact, archaeologists found hand knitted wool socks during excavations in Egypt that date back to 400-500bc, but scientists think they may date as far back as the Neolithic period. It was not until the 16th century when Queen Elizabeth received her first pair of silk stockings that had been created on a loom, however, that popularity in the product for women increased. Still, the seam up the back was problematic for many as well as the materials used.

    It was in the 18th century when industrialization in this industry began to mass produce hosiery. Although materials used were primarily wool, because silk was too expensive, not only women, but men found that they served a valuable purpose especially with styles of the time requiring short pants for the male elite in society and full skirts for women that created a breeze. With production on the increase, manufacturers turned their efforts toward improving fabrics and by the late 1800's had created a wool/cotton blend that was more comfortable and could be worn even by those allergic to wool.

    With a change in fashion that allowed women to show more leg, by 1929 88% of all hosiery made was of silk which out-priced many people until nylon was invented by DuPont in 1937. The goal was to create a silk looking product that would wear well while being more affordable to the masses. The release of the new nylons coincided with the end of WWII when, on the day they were first released, 780,000 women lined up to buy the first supply which sold out within hours. Even though they still had seams, the new material helped them look more natural while staying in place. As an added bonus was that they were also extremely comfortable.

    It wasn't until 1950 that a seamless version was created which was followed in 1959 by hosiery made of Lycra. This newest product was created when nylon was crimped under heat. By the time they perfected the method, hosiery was able to stretch up to seven times its original composition without breaking. The process also allowed it to return to its original shape easily. Since this time even more fabric choices have become available including spandex and others that have enhanced the appearance of stockings as well as their uses and durability.

    The evolution of fashion has dictated the direction that hosiery has taken over time. By the 1960's the fashion industry needed new designs in order to enhance the look of styles like mini-skirts and hot pants. As a result, tights came into vogue soon morphing into footless styles, fishnet stockings, tummy controllers, maternity tights, and even thigh slimmer's.

    Never before has wearing hosiery been more fun to wear than today. Many manufacturers, such as Trasparenze who has been in business for over 30 years, have created products to meet the needs of the times by providing a wide variety when it comes to styles, colors, thicknesses, textures, and sizes. When it comes to creating a cohesive look that generates a confident, sexy, alluring, appearance, the choices in hosiery available today add a new dimension to any wardrobe.

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