Making A Statement With Tights Designed By Trasparenze

  • Many people don't know that the oldest hosiery in the world was found during an archaeological dig that dated back to 400 BC. Leg-wear has come a long way since that time, but when looking at today's hosiery, many designs are reminiscent of a more romantic past. Although originally worn primarily by men, since the 1940's, women have come to appreciate their atheistic appeal and comfort. Trasparenze is a manufacturer who has looked at the past and is now driving the industry in innovation and design.

    When mini-skirts came into vogue in the 1960's, the need for pantyhose as a fashion accessory exploded, resulting in designs that were edgy and often bordered on the bizarre. Some manufacturers were able to adapt to the shifting needs of the fashion industry, while others were stuck in a rut of creating traditional hosiery, and had difficulty surviving the need for adaptation to ever-changing designs.

    Manufacturers that continued to thrive in this field, such as Trasparenze, found that by working closely with designers, trends could be anticipated resulting in a line that were complementary to new fashions and trends. Today the look most sought after is bold, beautiful, and unique yet serves a functional purpose.

    Women find that by researching carefully and buying online, they can find unique and distinctive looks and styles that fit their needs and provide them with a signature style. There is a wide selection of hosiery available that is designed to provide the fashion elements, as well as the weight required to provide comfort and warmth when needed.

    A person living in a cold climate will find the same fashion and style as an individual who lives in a warm climate. However, the weight of the hosiery will fit the location and provide the level of warmth needed.

    One style that has become popular over the past couple of years are skinny jeans. These jeans give an individual the ability to enhance their legs and derriere effectively. However, it is important that the undergarments worn with this clothing does not detract from the look you are trying to achieve.

    Thigh-high stockings are seeing a resurgence in popularity. This trend is a distinctive return to the sexy 40's, but have the benefit of modern technology to add and highlight the design and style of the hosiery. Not only can garters be worn to hold these stockings up, but many come with a coordinating band at the top which negates the need to wear any extra garments. Some of the stockings have built-in panties that create a suspender-like appearance. These are amazingly sexy and come in a variety of designs, some of which even look like tattoos.

    The hosiery and leg wear manufactured and designed by Trasparenze give anyone the ability to highlight and enhance their legs, and create a fabulous look. This is because the unique and exciting styles, designs, sizes, colors, and textures are designed fit the latest fashion trends and clothing. For those who have never tried buying online, there are more choices than most stores carry, so you will have a wider range of choices for your hosiery.

    With the great selection at, the hardest part of shopping is picking your favorite style and colour. UK Tight's Trasparenze section gives you a wonderful overview of all the fashionable leg wear that comes from this brand.

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